TMS for ADR, waste and petrochemical Hauliers

Our TMS is designed to help you manage every aspect of your transport operation, from order to invoice, with full compliance, transparency, and efficiency. We've worked in partnership with our customers in the industry to deliver specific solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Integrated with UN numbers
Our TMS integrations directly with the UN list of ADR codes, allowing you to accurately classify the dangerous goods you transport according to regulation without sacrificing your company's naming conventions.
Regulation ready reports
Generate the reports you need with one button, or schedule them to arrive in your inbox automatically. We've worked closely with our customers to create detailed reports specifically for ADR and waste management.
Streamlined compliance management
Digitize your work and eliminate manual paper-chasing. Upload your information once, then view at any time. Get alerts and reports on due-dates, service timings and have a fully auditable record of checks.

Full transparency and visibility every time

Track and manage UN numbers, weight variations, petrochem licensing and accurately record specific actions like pumping, washing, weighbridges, port drops and much more.
All centralised on one, easy to use system. Get the transparency and historical record you need with our audit functions.

Capture ADR handovers and interchanges

Capture and records the details of custody and compliance at every step of a job. Use InCabPro, our driver app, to digitise documentation with driver forms and sign-on-glass.
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Demonstrate reliability and hold your business to the highest standard

Drivers, fleet, equipment
Store and manage all the relevant documents, such as CPC's, ADR certs, insurance policies and maintenance records. Our TMS will notify you of any issues, defects, or violations that need your attention.
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Tailor fit ADR specific tools
Our TMS has been fully equipped to navigate the intricacies of ADR-compliance with both in-built tools and the granularity and transparency needed to deal with issues.
Track EWC codes, ADR certs and handovers - simplify complex jobs and streamline tedious tick-box exercises.
Automated regulatory reporting
Be audit-ready at all times with our TMS.  Our system ensures that compliance is not just a checkbox but an ongoing, effortless process that safeguards your reputation and bottom line.
Transform hours of admin work into one click and generate the reports you need on demand.

Get what you need to bill accurately and on time

Job notes, certs and licenses, load-plans, reference numbers and PODs stay connected from order to invoice, available to view at any time. Get paid for all the work you do with accurate invoices for all actions taken on the job.

Make your business scaleable

With our easy to use platform and step-by-step procedures for job management, allow your business to expand without the need for training costs and certification for admin workers.
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