Bulk and ambient haulage

Our TMS is designed to streamline your invoicing process, give you full visibility into your fleet and drivers, and ensure that you get paid for all the work you do.
Ditch the spreadsheets, accelerate your cashflow and keep the fleet compliant with our tools tailored to hauliers dealing with bulk materials, stone or aggregates, out-of-gauge haulage and site clearance.

Set rates and tarrifs for materials
Manage products - feed, lumber, building materials and anything you supply on our system. Create rate sheets and tariffs that get automatically applied to a job for consistent, accurate billing
Track weight, runs and get your PODs
Job notes, net, tare and gross weight, overfill reports and PODs stay connected with the job from order to invoice, available to view at any time.
Get paid for all the work you do and take the guesswork out of billing.
Generate reports and optimize your business
Monitor wait time and demurrage, material handling costs, margins and route profitability. Generate one button reports and get the evidence you need to make data-driven, informed strategic decisions.

Manage bulk materials
in Stratum

Easily track and manage the quantity, type and location of the bulk materials you supply. Keeping track of materials in our system removes manual work and eliminates errors associated with spreadsheets and paper diaries. Assign different rates and charges based on weight, volume or distance to optimize your billing.

Get paid for all the work your do

Track and manage repeat jobs, bulk weights, equipment hire and accurately record specific actions like wait times, demurrage, pumping, washing, weighbridges and more for detailed billing. All centralised on one, easy to use system. Get the transparency and historical record you need with our audit functions.
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Tools to accelerate your cashflow and eliminate manual work

Job templates for repeat work
Save time and hassle by creating job templates for repeat work. Pre-fill the details, requirements, and instructions for common jobs. Edit and duplicate templates as needed.
Accurately record repeat jobs and get paid for every run - protect your bottom line.
Detailed task history for jobs
Take the guesswork out of invoicing and get the transparency and evidence you need to bill more accurately.
Track and record load weight, demurrage times, handling costs, weighbridges and more. Accelerate your cashflow with fewer delays and disputes.
Stratum TMS
Streamlined billing process
Transform hours of admin work into one click, get paid faster and ship out invoices on schedule. Keep your business flexible and agile - sync your data with your accounting, payroll, telematics, and ERP software for faster job turnaround.
Our integrations
Business intelligence

Get reports to optimize your operations

One of the biggest mistakes we see transport companies making is thinking that being busy means making money. Without visibility into their costs and margins, hauliers often end up putting more into a customer than they're getting out.
Know your numbers, get visibility into your business - identify your star customers and stop wasting time and money serving those you'd be better off without.
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