TMS Enhancements

Tyre management system

Tyre management is vital to having a cost efficient fleet. Improve tyre longevity, fuel efficiency, track inventory and control costs with this additional module for Stratum TMS.

Streamline stock control and purchases
Streamline your inventory management. Receive automated stock alerts, manage additions, deductions, and maintain optimal stock levels at all times.
Optimize vehicle tyre management
Achieve precision and control, monitoring each axle for balance, flipping tyres, and managing tread depth seamlessly for better fuel economy and safety.
Compare and analyse tyre by tyre
Streamline administrative tasks with a centralized, integrated system. Generate comprehensive reports for informed decision-making.

Control stock in one place

Visibility into your tyre inventory, organized on one central system. Track orders with receipts, providing a detailed log for accountability and transparency. Get automated alerts on stock shortages and create PO's in the system. No more guesswork, just seamless restocking.

Generate tyre lifecycle reports

Manage your arrangements to get the most out of your stock. Minimize downtime with the information you need for proactive maintenance. Track the efficiency and lifespan of individual tyre models, as well as reports on their cost efficiency to optimize your purchases.
male tire changer In the process of bringing 4 new tires that are in stock in order to change the wheels of the truck
Tyre Management

Comprehensive visibility and control

Stratum's tyre module puts you in control, giving you the tools to manage your tyres with precision and execute informed strategic decisions.

Truck Driver is Checking the Truck's Safety Maintenance Checklist. Lorry Fixing. Truck Inspection Safety of Semi Truck Wheels Tires.

Vehicle by vehicle

Optimize tyre types based on routes, ensuring vehicles are equipped with the most suitable tyres. Pinpoint vehicles with recurring tyre problems, enabling targeted maintenance or a change in stock. Minimize downtime and optimizing fleet-wide operational efficiency.
Wheels with tires on axels of big rig semi truck standing on parking lot

Axle by axle

Make informed decisions to manage arrangement, rotations, replacements, and adjustments. Track tyre wear patterns to identify and address alignment issues, for safety and fuel efficiency. Control costs, get the most out of every tyre by optimizing their usage and placement.
Close up of large tyre treads being checked by mechanic with gloves.

Tyre by tyre

Manage with a level of granularity and control near impossible without a centralized system. Monitor cost efficiency by checking performance metrics against replacement costs. Analyze wear patterns and tread depths on a per-tyre basis. All made simple with a user-friendly dashboard.
Control costs

Compare tyre performance

Tracking each individual tyre enables you to efficiently compare tyre options to make informed decisions about your purchases. Our system allows you to optimize spending by tracking and managing new stock, ensuring you stay dynamic in the market and capitalize on the best deals. Stay cost-effective using Stratum's data-driven insights.

Plan with your bottom line in mind

Control the cost of tyre stock by optimizing spending and longevity. See fleetwide improvements to fuel efficiency, driver safety, compliance and maintenance costs. Make smarter, informed decisions about one of your fleet's biggest expenditures.
Truck driver holding clipboard daily check safety a truck wheels and tires.
Business intelligence

Communication, clarity and visibility

Centralize your work and seamlessly connect to our transport management system. Reduce delays, eliminate errors and streamline communication to keep things moving.

Fully auditable

Every transaction, change, task and update gets recorded, providing a comprehensive and verifiable record. Ensures compliance while automating your administration.

Easy administration

Manage inventory, stock movements and tyre changes on one easy to use platform. Ditch the spreadsheets and paper with a system where everything is in one place.

Actionable reports

Usage patterns, cost analysis, inventory visibility - get the information you need to make strategic decisions and give your business the competitive edge with Stratum.
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