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Fully automated customs requests

Streamline your port clearance! Our integration handles the grunt work for you.
Receive your PBNs and GMRs automatically for a seamless shipping process.

Stratum's system to automate port clearance and customs paperwork


Instant generation


Reported timesave


Direct API connection
Port clearance post-Brexit
The paperwork, communication with authorities, and coordination across jurisdictions eat up valuable time and resources. Our customers have reported that port clearance accounts for a staggering 85% of their daily workload, so we developed a solution.
Free the team from hours of admin work
The automation streamlines the manual process of collecting MRNs, creating PBNs, and completing GVMS applications by doing it all in the background when booking a boat through Stratum.
Smooth sailing with
clear communication
After automatically contacting the relevant authorities, Stratum will keep drivers and planners up to date through text, email, and in-app messages.
InCab Apps
A hands-off, error free approach
Eliminate the possibility of human error during port clearance. Ensure consistent and reliable results every time. Effortlessly handle larger workloads without taking on additional staff.
30 steps down to 3

Start to finish on one central system

From working with our customers, we’ve seen first-hand the nightmare that is declaring loads for UK and ROI customs. Declaring a single load could be a 30 stage process, involving multiple systems and authorities - combine that with multiple loads a day, and it quickly gets out of hand.
We can cut this process down to 3 simple steps.

1. Book your route

Select you direction of travel. Stratum integrates directly with ferry carriers allowing you to book from inside the TMS. View real-time accurate ferry timings for your selected route and select the most suitable option.
Ferry integration
Cargo ship with containers and trucks, aerial drone view

2. Select your vehicles

Like any other job in Stratum, assign your truck and trailer. Use job-notes and our InCab app to keep the driver updated on managing accompaniment or pick up/drop off.
Stratum TMS
Trucks awaiting for the ferry in European port

3. Upload your MRN’s

We simplify the headache of managing MRN's down to just one step. Don't waste time manually filing for a PBN or GVMS through outside portals. Just add the MRN's to the job and our automation will apply for, capture, send and save all relevant information for you.
White truck driving off RoRo ferry
Job Done

Take back control
of your customs clearances

Our innovative integration creates a seamless workflow based in the systems you actually use, optimizing processes for top-to-bottom efficiency.

How it works

Stratum does the rest
in the background

Our automation connects directly to Revenue and HMRC to handle the creation and delivery of declarations automatically. After planning your job in Stratum TMS, our port declaration system will take care of the rest, updating the team every step of the way.

Receives PBN and GMR automatically
Your MRNs and route are used to complete and create the necessary ID's and barcodes which get sent to you automatically.
Submits MRNs for customs clearance
We automate submissions, no need for manual data entry on Revenue and HMRC's websites. Saving you time, ad eliminating the risk of errors.
Inputs PBN and GMR to Stratum TMS
Everything centralized - PBNs/GMRs and other IDs stay connected with job meaning less time spent chasing info.
Messages the driver with their details
Message sent direct to driver through text or in app notification containing their port of departure reference with all the information they need.
InCab Apps
Checks channel clearance status
Direct visibility into the current clearance status of the job from inside our system. The automation will check the clearance status, to see if its green, yellow or red and keep you updated.
Notifies the traffic department
Once the vehicle gets the "green light" and is cleared to board, transport planners and drivers will be notified instantly by the automation.
Fully Comprehensive

Stop juggling systems,
get everything in one place

The reality of post-Brexit port declaration is a mess of different online portals and forms to fill out. Productivity plummets as planners waste time plugging numbers into Revenue and the HMRC’s services. Our automation connects direct to their APIs to cut out the middle man and complete this manual work for you.
No logging onto external websites
No paper-chasing or manual admin work
Drivers and planners updated automatically
Transport specialist monitoring multiple screens of maps, job plans and camera feeds.
Specific to you

Tailored solutions for hauling containers

As well as our port automation, we’ve developed tools in our TMS specific for moving containerized freight. Optimize your container usage and reduce your shipping costs, with full visibility into your operations using Stratum TMS. Click below to read about our industry specific solutions.
Container truck in ship port
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