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cold-chain logistics

Gain the visibility you need to exceed customer expectations and optimize your business. We've worked alongside our customers to create features specifically tailored for the unique challenges of refrigerated transport. Manage compliance and get the most out of your telematics with Stratum.

Live planning with GPS integration
Plan your dispatch in real-time. Make quick and informed decisions based on the latest data. Keep your business agile - track your jobs, monitor their progress and temps, and receive alerts if there are any issues.
Control temperature compliance
Continuously monitor your temperatures. Ensure strict compliance with temperature regulations. Exceed customer expectations with streamlined proof of temperature audits for every job.
Visbility from order to invoice
Ditch the spreadsheets and paper and get the team on one central system for better communication and transparency. Get reports to maximize utilization, cashflow and compliance delivered automatically.
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Be pharma ready with Stratum

Get the visibility and control you need to take your business to the next level. Manage your drop door temperatures, monitor your temperatures on the move, control ATPs, probe calibrations, fridge running hours and certifications - we've developed unique tools for cold-chain distribution in cooperation with our customers. Contact us to see what we can do for you.
Truck with a refrigerated semi-trailer driving on a winding mountain road

Get full visibility - from order to invoice

Automate documentation
Centralize your work on one system for full traceability and visibility. Have Stratum do the work of compiling reports and paper-chasing so you can focus on growth and strategy.
Stratum garage
Raise the bar for customer service
Exceed customer expectations with on-time deliveries, smoother order management and detailed temperature audits. Optimize your routes, give accurate estimates and streamline communication.
Web Portals
Control your costs and protect your margin
Combine fleet data with your telematics for accurate breakdowns of margins, costs and fuel efficiency. Make smarter decisions, track KPI's and maximize profitability with data-driven decisions.

Accelerate order processing

Plan your manifests with precision using our system's tools to maximize every load. Create plans and templates for jobs, assign them to drivers, and track their progress in real-time.
Seamlessly integrate with customer ERP systems, eliminate manual data entry and grow your business not your workload.

InCab - our driver app

Ensure full compliance with walk-around-checks and document capture. Assign drivers their jobs and keep up communication with job details, pre-warming or cooling, fridge running hours, in/out times and delivery updates. Receive POD's instantly and streamline your billing process.
Fruit and food distribution. Truck loaded with containers full of apples ready to be shipped to the market.
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