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Unlock the potential of your team and accelerate your cash flow by using Stratum's driver apps for lightning fast POD turnaround.
Enhance efficiency with easy walk around checks, built-in safety protocols and comprehensive two way communication.

Walk around checks
Driver's complete fully compliant WAC's with ease, updating the team instantly and without paper.
Managing jobs
Driver's receive their task list for the day paperless and remotely. Planners and drivers can communicate and share updates in the app.
POD Management
Driver's upload POD's directly to your system with sign-on-glass or images, accelerating and simplifying your invoicing process. POD's are handed off securely, every time.

Walk around checks

InCab enables your drivers to complete daily WAC's every time using their devices. Drivers can upload photos, leave notes, and update the team on any actions that need to be taken. Knowing who did what check and when tells you who are your star performers, and who might need additional resources.

Custom driver forms

Send customizable forms and questionnaires to be complete by drivers. Our customers use InCab for seamless, actionable driver communication - demurrage reports, holiday requests, near misses, defect tickets, stock requests and industry specific documentation like ADR handovers and container interchanges.
Truck driver using phone while checking gas tank on parking lot.
Everyone Connected

2 Way Communication

Direct communication between drivers and the office streamlines operations and bolsters the efficiency of your entire business.

Truck driver sitting in his truck showing thumbs up.
WAC's and forms
Proof of Delivery
Job Updates - In/Out times
Easy remote working
Wait times and demurrage recording
Portrait of businesswoman in office sitting at desk
Send drivers their jobs
Paperless document management
Accelerated invoicing
Live planning
Seamless workflow

POD Management

Never miss an invoice and get paid for all the work you do with InCab.
Drivers obtain their dockets and PODs using sign-on-glass in the app or through images and upload directly to the TMS.
Accelerate you cashflow by instantly receiving all the documents you need as soon as the work is done.

Truck driver going through paperwork on parking lot of distribution warehouse.
Work Smarter

Stratum InCab provides a unified, streamlined experience for logistics teams.

Our driver app can be as simple or advanced as it needs to fit your business. We work with a variety of hauliers, from small family owned businesses to enterprise level operations.
Get your foot in the door with our basic system, then upgrade at any time.


All the basic features to boost your team's productivity

Walk Around Checks
Customized Checks per vehicle
Vehicle and Driver Tickets
Driver Forms
WAC analysis and reports

All the basic features to boost your team's productivity

Walk Around Checks
Customized Checks per vehicle
Vehicle and Driver Tickets
Driver Forms
WAC analysis and reports
PoD Management
Driver Messaging
Defect reporting with photos
Assigning Jobs to Drivers
Job Updates
Compliance Reporting
And More...
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