TMS Enhancements

Garage and maintenance

Manage your workshop with this module for Stratum TMS. Optimize your garage management processes, improve cost control, and enhance overall efficiency.

Track stock, record work

Efficiently manage inventory with real-time stock tracking and maintain a detailed record of maintenance work, ensuring optimal fleet performance.

Control your costs

Optimize spending, reduce overheads, and make informed decisions with Stratum's cost control features, ensuring financial efficiency and profitability.

Connect the team

Enhance collaboration and communication across maintenance, drivers, planners, accounts, and management with Stratum's centralized platform for seamless teamwork.
Track stock

Centralize stock management

Streamline the way your team manages stock. Take a smarter approach to ordering and receiving new parts with our stock management tools. Have the right parts available when needed, minimize downtime and ensure swift repairs.

Automate garage processes

Create job cards and seamlessly assign tasks to mechanics
Receive automated reminders that notify everyone about upcoming service intervals, inspections, or preventive maintenance. Link telematics data (e.g., mileage, engine hours) to work orders, triggering maintenance tasks based on actual usage, automatically.
Broken Semi Truck Service - engine in focus, hood up multiple components in view
Record work

Full transparency without the paperwork

Cut out manual work to streamline your workflow and eliminate data-entry errors. Keep the team compliant while saving time and automating tedious processes.

Simplified admin
Create detailed job cards, log parts replaced, and track associated costs, ensuring a thorough history of all work performed on your fleet.
Auditable paper-trail
Ensure accountability and compliance with Stratum's fully auditable system. Every aspect of your garage management made transparent and traceable.
Easy reporting
Streamline your reporting process. Save time and avoid mindless paper-chasing. Ensure you have the data you need at your fingertips for informed decision-making.
Everyone Connected

Enhance efficiency through seamless communication

Our module provides a centralized platform for everyone to connect and collaborate effectively.

Smiling happy bearded tattooed worker in overalls standing next to truck with arms crossed.
Create job cards
Receive defect reports
Update service dates
Save compliance information
Cost and stock reports
man and woman in transport office working on computers
Gain visibility into maintenance and compliance
Minimized vehicle downtime
Optimal resource allocation
Reduced admin overhead
Streamlined reporting and clear schedules
Business intelligence

Protect your bottom line

Reports from the IRHA and the UK Department for Transport reveal that maintenance costs constitute around 30% of total fleet operating expenses. Don’t leave it to guesswork - know your numbers and seize control over your costs.
Get visibility into the cost of ownership for your fleet. Generate comprehensive reports in one click, and embrace a data-driven approach to maintenance. Slash overheads, fine-tune spending, and take control over your costs.

Use analytics for smarter strategy

Move towards evidence based predictive maintenance, avoiding premature replacements. Let our system track and compare parts usage, pricing, and supplier performance for you - get the competitive edge with all the information at your fingertips.
Tyre management
boss and worker checking results on the tablet in warehouse
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