Stratum WMS

Warehouse management system

Stratum's intuitive solution for the unique challenges faced by small businesses in managing their warehouses efficiently.
Manage your inventory, streamline operations, improve communication to customers and get the reports you need.

Inventory management
Streamline your inventory processes, Efficiently manage the placement and retrieval of your inventory with precision.
Mobile app
Create labels in the WMS and scan with our mobile app. Enable your warehouse operatives to fulfill orders faster, give precise tasks and ensure accuracy.
Customer web portal
Give your customers a real-time view into stock. Empower them to create picking requests from anywhere with an online portal.

Control stock digitally

Manage your stock on one central systemEvery task completed updates the central system, streamlining your workflow.

Create and print labels

Generate labels from your system and manage tasks from start to finish. Apply barcode labels to scan with our mobile app to track all details of the SKU - location, receipts, quantities and customer information.
Handsome bearded warehouse operative using touch screen tablet to check stock entering information

Ensure accuracy and organization at every step.

Gain precision and control, label and track your products.

Inbound stock

View current receiving orders, generate pallet labels and select the warehouse locations for put-aways.
Instantly check received quantities against expectations. Easily create clear tasks for operatives using labels and our app.

Outbound stock

View current stock and it’s location within the warehouse. Select the items for picking, generate a pick instruction and confirm via the app or desktop to record the movement.
Streamline your dispatch and reduce errors.

Full transparency

Automatically updates an audit log at every stage of the process from receipts - put away - picking - dispatch and shipping.
Simplify administration as every task updates your system automatically.

Visibility and business intelligence

Stratum WMS centralizes your information onto one database. Gain visibility into your operations using our reporting suite. Move away spreadsheets and paper diaries and transform your data into actionable insights about your stock movements, billings and orders.

Improve communication

The information you need at your fingertips to eliminate delays and increase customer satisfaction. Track goods in and out, movement history by product, optimize space and report to your customers with accurate information.

Customer Portals

Grant your customers real-time access to your system, give them specific permissions. Through our fully customizable web-portals they can track their stock and create picking requests that instantly update your team. Streamline your order process and minimize administration overhead.
Two happy warehouse workers walk in facility with tablet and catting. Teamwork.
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