Containers and shipping

Get the visibility and control you need for live-planning. Optimize your operations by cutting out manual work and integrating directly with your telematics and ferry systems for streamlined order and load management.

Automate to remove paperwork
Ditch the spreadsheets and paper diaries that hold your business back. Avoid errors and delays caused by juggling information from sheet to sheet and simplify your process onto one system.
Manage everything on one system
Centralise your work on one platform for visibility and transparency on every job. Job details, load-plans, reference numbers and PODs stay connected from order to invoice, available at any time.
Optimize your operations
Gain complete visibility into your operations, ensuring you are always in control and making informed decisions. Foster better communication among your team, partners, and drivers for a seamless workflow.

Get the team on one system

Planners receive alerts and notification so they can make time-critical decisions with the information they need. Assign driver's their jobs and see their progress in real-time.

Maximize your margins

Accelerate your cashflow with instant POD capture and 1-button invoice generation. Maximise profitability with automated cost tracking and live margin calculation.
Cargo ferry with multiple fridge containers.

We've designed tools specifically for your unique workload

Automate documentation
Digitize your work and store all associated documentation for a job on one central system. Use InCabPro to simplify document management for drivers and planners with easy uploads.
Driver App
Manage skellies and container lengths
Optimize your container usage and reduce your shipping costs. With full visibility, assign the right resources effectively. Stratum gives planners the information they need to make informed decisions
Streamline interchange management
Improve visibility and auditability for reduced paperwork and accurate customer communication. Job details, interchange agreements, load-plans, reference numbers and PODs stay connected from order to invoice, available to view at any time.
Swap and drop, or pick up and pump off
Track your assets and give planners live updates on status and location. Connect Stratum with your GPS systems to start planning with GPS precision. Keep your operation adaptable for efficient utilization and costs savings.
GPS integration
BIC checking and SEAL tracking
Keep your jobs compliant, improve customer satisfaction and security. Keep track of all associated notes and references for a job with full visibility and transparency for the entire team.
Live ferry booking and updates
Book a route, cancel, manage invoices, manage accompanied or trailer plug-ins all within Stratum. Save time and money through automation and efficicent management.
Ferry integration

Full transparency and visibility

Eliminate manual data entry, inconsistencies and inaccuracies arise as information gets "lost in translation" moving from sheet to sheet -work smarter with Stratum.

Create and manage jobs with AI

Empower the team with AI for job creation and management. Automate routine tasks, dynamically managing resources and documentation to save time and improve efficiency.
Man in hardhat and hi-vis walking in shipping container yard with a clipboard.
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