and site clearance

Ditch the spreadsheets, accelerate your cashflow and keep the fleet compliant with our tools tailored to hauliers dealing with construction, stone or aggregates, out-of-gauge haulage and site clearance. Get full visibility into your fleet and drivers, and ensure you're getting paid for all the work you do.

Manage equipment hire and rental
Create and track contracts, invoices, and payments for your equipment hire and rental services. Monitor the availability of your equipment at any time with our planning dashboard.
Track weight, runs and get your PODs
Job notes, certs and licenses, load-plans, reference numbers and PODs stay connected from order to invoice, available to view at any time.
Get paid for all the work you do and take the guesswork out of billing.
Notes on site access and driver safety
Store and share notes on site access, traffic management, hazards, and emergency procedures.
Communicate effectively with your team and keep your customers happy.

Get paid for every step of the job

Track and manage repeat jobs, bulk weights, equipment hire and accurately record specific actions like pumping, washing, weighbridges and more for detailed billing.
All centralised on one, easy to use system. Get the transparency and historical record you need with our audit functions.

POD capture and ticket reporting

Scan and upload PODs then drag-and-drop them onto a job. Use InCabPro, our driver app, to digitise documentation with drivers - collecting WAC's, forms and POD's with sign-on-glass.
front end loader loading a dump truck on a weigh bridge

Ditch the spreadsheets and streamline your workflow

Job templates for repeat work
Save time and hassle by creating job templates for repeat work. Pre-fill the details, requirements, and instructions for common jobs. Edit and duplicate templates as needed.
Accurately record repeat jobs and get paid for every run - protect your bottom line.
Detailed task history for jobs
Take the guesswork out of invoicing and get the transparency and evidence you need to bill more accurately.
Track and record load weight, demurrage times, pumping, weighbridges and accelerate your cashflow with fewer delays and disputes.
Stratum TMS
Eliminate manual work and data entry
Transform hours of admin work into one click and generate the reports you need on demand. Keep your business flexible and agile - sync your data with your accounting, payroll, telematics, and ERP software for faster job turnaround.
Our integrations

Streamline and automate compliance management

Store and digitise all compliance documentation for your fleet and drivers on one central system, available to view at any time. Get alerts when due dates are coming up and when trying to assign the wrong resource to a job. Job notes, certs and licenses, load-plans, reference numbers and PODs stay connected from order to invoice, leaving a detailed history with our audit function.

Automate maintance and control costs

Stay on top of maintenance with our garage module. With this module for Stratum TMS, optimize your garage management processes, improve cost control, and enhance overall efficiency. Track and manage all maintenance work performed, parts replaced, and associated costs.
Top view on tipper truck as unloading gravel from a trailer while another is waiting to be unloaded, bulldozer flatting construction site
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