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Powerful plugins and direct integrations to increase team efficiency and simplify your workflow. Keep the team on one system. Cut out the fluff and manual work required to keep things moving with Stratum.

Centralized design

Get the team on one system

When your transport business is spread across multiple systems and spreadsheets, time gets wasted. Manually juggling between systems means mistakes and delays.
With Stratum our centralized approach to data means the whole team works together and jobs only need to get done once.

Clear communication
Centralizing information and processes in one system, you enhance communication, optimize resource allocation and increase efficiency.
Ditch the Spreadsheets
Manual work slows your business to a crawl. Connect your systems and automate data syncing, reduce errors and streamline your workflow
Improve Efficiency
Automate your work and choose our 1 button solutions. Don't waste time chasing paper, get the visibility and connectivity you need to work smarter.
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Accounts integrations

Billing and Finance

Integrate Stratum with your accounts system for seamless import and export of financial data. Ensure that data is synchronized in real-time between your financial systems.

Accelerate your cashflow

Simplify the billing process, generate invoices and track documents inside Stratum then seamlessly export to your accounts system.
Ferry integrations

Ferry Integration

Connect directly with with shipping services for a more straightforward and efficient process. Book a route, cancel, manage invoices, manage accompanied or trailer plug-ins all within Stratum. Keep your business agile and remove manual work.

Book ferries and reconcile invoices

Stay on top and organized, automate the management of invoices associated with ferry services. Save time and money through efficient management of costs.
Two engineers tracking freight containers on a shipping dock
fleet of trucks moving in unison at high speeds

GPS and asset tracking

Monitor your assets and maximise profitability. Plan more effectively and optimize your routes with map-based planning. Receive advanced metrics on telemetry data, temperature data and tachograph information.

Geocode your work

Leverage GPS and geometrics integrations for strategic decision-making. Analyze historical data, track patterns, manage cost-per-mile and other KPI's, then have Stratum generate the report. Use this information to make smarter management decisions.
Much More

Tailor fit to your business

Manage everything in one place like document and label printing, customer ERP's, pallet networks and more. Whether you're looking to streamline communication, automate data management, or elevate your fleet tracking capabilities, centralise your work on one platform with Stratum

Industry specific solutions

Custom built integrations

Stratum is under constant, continuous development. We will collaborate closely with you to understand your requirements and develop solutions that going beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.
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