3rd party integrations

GPS and telematics

Get the most out of your telemetry investment - turn raw data into actionable insights. Utilize GPS information effectively, unlock its full value by combining telematics with our Stratum's planning and management software.

Plan your jobs with GPS precision
Utilize real-time location data to optimize routes, reduce travel times, and enhance overall logistics planning. Connect your telematics and your GPS on one system.
Automate compliance and improve safety
Streamline compliance tasks and minimize errors by automating manual efforts. Get alerts and updates for the whole team and start being proactive.
Use telemetry to track costs effectively
Combine telematics with fleet data for comprehensive control over your costs and margins. Optimize every mile with data-driven decisionmaking.
GPS planning

Track and manage everything in Stratum

Monitor position, timing, and other crucial details seamlessly within one unified platform. The GPS insights ensure that your team can adapt to changes on the go, optimizing job planning and monitoring in a cohesive, user-friendly environment.

Visibility of fleet and drivers

Make smarter planning decisions with vehicle location information. Centralize the information planners need and streamline their workflow to reduce errors and maximize efficiency.
Transport Fleet aerial shot. Modern, clean trucks organized in yard side by side.

Stay on top of compliance through visibility and automation

For vehicles
Automate maintenance alerts by linking telemetry information with your garage while keeping planners informed.
Track location in real-time for immediate dispatch decision-making.
Garage and maintenance
For drivers
Stay on top of regulations with real-time visibility into start times, break lengths, and tachograph data. Provide evidence and auditability for driver compliance, such as digital signatures, forms and walk around checks with our app.
Stratum's driver apps
For refrigeration
Continuously monitor your temperatures. Ensure strict compliance with temperature regulations. Exceed customer expectations with streamlined proof of temperature audits for every job.
Cold-chain solutions
Track costs

Combine data for informed strategy

Get insights that go beyond surface-level information. Stratum gives you a deeper understanding of your fleet's efficiency by combining GPS with job information.

Maximise every mile

Dive into granular details such as fuel percentage, consumption rates, and maintenance alerts to track costs effectively. By understanding the real-time operational costs, you gain the ability to make informed decisions, optimize spending, and maximize overall cost efficiency.
Transport planning administration woman monitoring multiple screens of data.
Telematics systems

Our integrations

Stratum will use all available data collected by your telemetry provider. However, important to note is that not all telemetry systems offer the same depth of data needed for the advanced features discussed.

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View location and temperature
Track fuel
Tachograph information
Mileage and vehicle data


View location and temperature
Track fuel
Tachograph information
Mileage and vehicle data


View location
Track fuel
Tachograph information
Mileage and vehicle data
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