TMS Enhancements

Holiday management made simple

Manage your holidays in Stratum with our new module for the TMS. Get everything you need on one system with a centralized view of all leave requests. Our holiday module streamlines taking days off, centralizes data, and empowers proactive planning.  Enhance communication, ensure compliance, and optimize driver schedules - all within a user-friendly platform designed to maximize efficiency and keep your business moving forward.

Visual planner and calendar
Manage all types of days off, including vacations, sick leave, and rest days, with just a few clicks. Easily view upcoming holidays and planned leave in a clear and intuitive format.
Stay ahead with alerts and notifications
Co-ordinate holidays effectively and never be left without the right driver for the job. Receive automatic alerts and notifications during job planning to avoid scheduling conflicts with pre-existing leave requests.
Centralized onto one system
Our holiday module empowers you with smarter resource management, streamlined operations, and cost savings by eliminating manual processes and giving you transparency and visibility.
Fully Comprehensive

Seamless scheduling & leave management - all in one place

Plan driver schedules, manage time off, and ditch extra HR software - all within the TMS platform you already use. Keep the business moving and prevent scheduling conflicts with holidays.
Manage holidays, rest days and sick leave
Store and attach related documents
Eliminate manual admin work
Full visibility and clarity, available any time
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Efficiency with driver-centric planning

Plan ahead with confidence
Our system enables you to plan ahead without errors, with automatic detection of potential conflicts in the schedule. Ensuring that your workforce is optimally utilized without compromising on efficiency or driver satisfaction.
Plan jobs alongside holidays
Receive real-time alerts and notifications while planning jobs whenever a scheduling conflict arises. For jobs that require drivers with specific qualifications, planners stay informed when planning work for their days off.
Industry specific solutions
Adapt quickly when drivers are out
Efficiently manage sick days with our system, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions to ensure a swift recovery and minimal disruption to your operations.
Stratum TMS
Grow your business

Happy drivers, happy business

Clear communication and visibility in holiday planning keeps drivers satisfied. Avoid overworking and eliminate the panic around last-minute adjustments. Foster a better work environment for everyone.

Centralized control for scalability

Maintain a centralized database of holiday records, ditch the spreadsheets an have the information you need at you fingertips. Enhance communication and transparency across your organization. Manage your workforce efficiently, optimise your resources while keeping everyone happy. Make your business scalable with clear processes and transparency, without unnecessary HR system investments.
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