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More Than an Update: InCab 5.0 Delivers Lightning-Fast Communication

April 29, 2024

Faster, Smoother, Better: InCab gets a major overhaul with version 5.0

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of the biggest update to InCab yet: Version 5.0! This isn't just a bug fix or a lick of paint – it's a complete overhaul to the speed and connectivity of communication between our app and the TMS. We released a little sneak peek with the first part of our performance update in 4.1.7, and now we’re ready to launch with the complete package.

Our goal when creating InCab was to bring seamless, instant communication back-and-forth between drivers and planners - and that, more than any previous version of InCab, is exactly what 5.0 delivers.

So what's new?

Over quadruple the speed: We've optimized communication in both directions – driver to TMS and TMS to driver. Information flies back and forth at instantly, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Always-on availability: No more waiting to sync! Driver's receive critical information instantly with simple notifications, whether it's a new assignment, a route change, or an important message.

See who’s logged in: We developed this function incorporating your valuable feedback. The all-new driver login visibility function gives dispatchers a clear picture of driver availability while they are creating the job in Stratum, making job assignments more efficient and giving management visibility into how their drivers are (or aren't) using InCab. (Requires Stratum TMS update)

Instant updates: Changes in WACs, forms, job data, and assignments are reflected in real-time on the TMS, keeping the office team in the loop and minimizing confusion.

Fresh new look: We’ve tweaked the UI for better usability while on the road, with bigger buttons and the option to switch between light and dark mode.

Combined with our other recent improvements…

Instant sync for WACs and forms: All your job data, including times on/off, notes, wait times, and weights, gets sent to the TMS sooner.

Streamline uploads: Improvements to communication between the TMS and InCab mean that upload speeds for files are much quicker.

Overhauled custom dockets with Sign-on glass: Custom dockets for your customers that used to take minutes now takes seconds. The only thing slowing dockets down now will be how fast driver's can input the information.

It's a big deal - from minutes to milliseconds

This isn't just a bug fix – InCab 5.0 is a complete overhaul that makes your job quicker and easier. With its lightning-fast communication, real-time updates, and improved workflows, InCab 5.0 empowers drivers to perform their best and dispatchers to manage operations with unmatched efficiency.

Contact support and we'll get you set up.

We’ve made significant back-end changes for communicating from TMS to InCab. So, while your devices will update automatically from the play store, we need to spend a short amount of time hooking things up system-side for you to unlock the full benefit of InCab 5.0.

Many of our new features and functions have been developed as a direct response to customer feedback. We’d love to hear from you after this update as we continue to improve our service for all our customers.

Daegan Finlay
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